In the Philippines, Operation Blessing run a Back To School programme for children and young people robbed of the chance to receive an education. Read Rona’s story below.

Rona Sape lost her mother when she was three years old and her father through illness a few years ago. At 16, she was left dependant on her older siblings for food and shelter.  A year later she came into a personal relationship with Jesus and was asked by her pastor and his family to live with them – a decision her family didn’t understand. Rona was being provided an education while living with her family but there was never enough money for her to enrol each term. In her second year at college she had to stop attending and put her dreams of a eduction on hold.

Rona who is now 22, showed a thirst for knowledge, holding on to her dreams although she faced many challenges with her family. She focused on serving the Lord more, entering not just the music ministry in their church but also volunteering as a Sunday school teacher and a Bible study leader. When the staff and volunteers of Operation Blessing heard of her story, her case was assessed and she was eventually enlisted to the Back-to-School programme. For the past two years, Rona has received free tuition fees, a uniform, transportation and even a daily allowance.

“You gave me enough support to continue my dreams of graduating college. I can’t measure my happiness because of the opportunity OB granted me. Because of your support, I saw how God really works, how He blesses me abundantly because of my faith. I always pray that God gives OB more blessings and that He continues using your ministry to help those people in need, like me,” Rona gratefully said. Rona is now a university student doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism.  She is now just months away from achieving her dream of being the best stewardess and tour guide she has aspired to be ever since she was a child.

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