Thanks to the donors of CBN & Operation Blessing, we were able to make a significant impact into the lives of vulnerable families this Christmas. We were able to work closely with local food banks and CAP (Christians Against Poverty), to provide hampers and food parcels. The hampers included food for a week, age appropriate gifts for the children, gas and electric vouchers to heat their homes and cook meals, which otherwise would have not been possible.


Even though the UK is a rich country, according to, there are 13 million people in the UK who are in poverty, of which half of all people live in a working family. 1.4 million adults are in part time work because they cannot find suitable employment.

As well as providing the hampers and food parcels, we also had the opportunity to personally deliver some of them. To see the expectation and delight from children peering from behind their curtains as the hampers and parcels were being carried into their homes, was something, which they just didn’t expect. One lady was left speechless and overwhelmed; as she hadn’t got a clue where the finances to provide for her Christmas was coming from, and all she could say was “thank you, but who do I thank?”

The appreciation and gratitude, which was shown by all the individuals and families was that of thankfulness.

So thank you again to our donors and partners for helping to make a difference, you may never know the impact your donation has made, however because of your obedience, many lives have been affected and blessed.

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