Reunited with family

This is the beautiful Lucas Mubarak. His mother was dwarf, living on the streets in Ethiopia. One day she reported to a local health centre stating she did not feel well. They found out she was pregnant and referred her to the hospital where a day later she delivered a little boy by caesarean section. The mother, not knowing what to...

Educating Deaf Children in Vietnam

Orphans Promise in Vietnam have been able to start an education centre, teaching deaf children sign language! So many children are born with disabilities due to the lingering toxic agent Orange Herbicide that was used during the Vietnam War. Thanks to our CBN partners, we are able to care for children on the fringes of society.  Help […]

Orphan’s Promise Event Funds Ukraine Children’s Camp

Last month, CBN Europe partnered with artist Rudolf Harris for a fund raising event in London with the aim of supporting children in an Orphans Promise Orphanage in the Ukraine. Rudolf is a South African artist based in the UK who visited the orphanage with his wife Jenny. During this visit he felt prompted to […]

Orphan’s Promise: What Have We Been Up To This Month?

Thank you to all who donate to Orphan’s Promise! You are equipping us to be able to do what we do, and we really couldn’t do it without you. You are a part of the life change and hope given to thousands of children worldwide. Here is an update on some of the great things Orphan’s Promise […]

Reaching Out to Nomads in Thailand

Operation Blessing Thailand is in partnership with Orphan’s Promise who provide education and health development to Moken women and children. The Moken are a nomadic, seafaring tribe of hunter-gatherers who live in the southern seas of Burma and Thailand. Little is known about their origins, but it is believed they descended from migrant [...]

A Journey of Renewed Hope

By Tim Danielle – Orphan’s Promise Regional Manager for Asia. In May 2008, Cyclone Nargis ripped through the Irrawaddy Delta region of Myanmar (previously Burma). There was widespread destruction with thousands of people estimated to have tragically lost their lives. Not long after the disaster, Orphan’s Promise connected with a [...]

Battered Ukraine Wary of Wounded Russian Bear

The Russian bear is wounded, with Russia’s economy crumbling as oil prices plummet. Its vulnerable neighbour, Ukraine, puts the blame for this latest crisis squarely on Moscow, accusing Russian leaders of invading their territory and backing gunmen who now control large areas of Donetsk and Luhansk.  Kiev says Moscow wants to build a [...]

Hope for Deaf Children in Vietnam

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be unable to communicate with the ones you love most? Or how it would feel if you were unable to hear or speak, while others viewed you like you were intellectually impaired or a burden on society without any potential? Orphan’s Promise has the privilege […]

Ukraine Aid: ‘We Had to Risk Our Lives to Save Children’

EASTERN UKRAINE – The United States and the European Union are moving ahead with sanctions against Russia because of the crisis in Ukraine. The sanctions could be rolled back if Moscow follows through on its promise to help end the conflict. Months of fighting have taken a heavy toll on parts of the country. CBN’s […]

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