Finding Freedom: Stories from the Cleft's Anti-Trafficking Project
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Finding Freedom: Stories from the Cleft’s Anti-Trafficking Project

Through this partnership, many women have been rescued from prostitution and given hope for a new life.

Leaving prostitution behind

Once plagued by the darkness of the sex industry, a woman made the courageous decision to step out of prostitution in 2018.

She found support through CBN Europe’s Orphan’s Promise in partnership with The Cleft -an anti-trafficking project in the Netherlands.

The team visited her, continuing offering guidance and discipleship on her journey toward a new life.

During their visit, they engaged in deep conversations and lifted prayers together.

The team also assisted her in resolving official matters, reviewing some letters she needed help with.

A new life for the old

Overwhelmed with gratitude, she eagerly shared her new life at a neighbourhood centre where she volunteered.

She couldn’t wait to introduce them to her newfound friends.

Witnessing her remarkable growth in building and maintaining relationships outside the world of prostitution was a true blessing.

A breakthrough moment occurred during their visit as well.

The woman expressed her desire to be called by her real name, choosing to shed the identity associated with her former occupation.

This was a significant step forward, as the team had suggested this change previously in 2018.


She no longer wished to be connected to her past in any way, reaffirming her determination to move beyond a life of exploitation.

Another lady was connected with the team in their unwavering mission to restore hope and freedom.

This woman – recently widowed – found herself turning to prostitution due to financial struggles after her husband’s passing.

She had only entered the industry a year prior.

The team provided her with a Bible, igniting a newfound faith that led her to read scripture each evening.

Committed to transforming her life, she actively sought alternative sources of income, such as house cleaning jobs.

Her hope was to completely leave prostitution behind, prioritizing a future free from exploitation.

“The woman expressed her desire to be called by her real name, choosing to shed the identity associated with her former occupation.”

Finding help a decade later

In July, two more women made the life-altering decision to permanently leave behind their lives of prostitution. One of these women displayed a remarkable openness to the gospel, prompting the team to meet with her. Together, they prayed and sought spiritual cleansing, empowering her to sever ties with the red light district. Her faith in God and Jesus remained steadfast. The team pledged to continue supporting her on her journey, encouraging her to remain steadfast on her path of righteousness.

Another woman discontinued her involvement in prostitution, harbouring a quieter disposition towards the gospel. Nonetheless, she willingly listened when the team shared their message with her. Her newfound dream of becoming a writer propelled her away from prostitution as she determinedly pursued her passion.

Lastly, there was a woman who had left the world of prostitution over a decade ago. Despite the years that had passed, CBN’s Orphan’s Promise and The Cleft remained steadfast in supporting her. She approached the team seeking help in learning the Dutch language, crucial for her to pass the necessary exams and obtain her Dutch passport. She had been trafficked from Ukraine many years prior, and the Dutch passport would open doors for her, including the opportunity to attend the DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM in Germany. Her ultimate aspiration was to become a missionary, armed with a resilient spirit and an unwavering dedication to her faith.

Through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise and The Cleft’s relentless efforts, lives were transformed. One by one, these women found the strength to step away from the chains of exploitation, embracing a future filled with hope, purpose, and the unwavering support and love of a compassionate community.

“In July, two more women made the life-altering decision to permanently leave behind their lives of prostitution.”

Finding Freedom: Stories from the Cleft's Anti-Trafficking Project
Finding Freedom: Stories from the Cleft's Anti-Trafficking Project

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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