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Faith in Action: A Calm Amid The Storm

Hi there friends!! Or, as they say here in Croatia, Dobar Dan! 

My name is Gizmo, I am a robot on a mission to see the lives of children all over the world changed by Jesus’s love.  

Today I am visiting some of my friends in Croatia.

Did you know that the first electric motors in cars were designed by this amazing Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla and that Tesla cars have been named after him in his honour? 

Our next super-story introduces my friend Boran. He faced a really scary situation around him…but I’ll let him tell you what happened.

“I stop you!”

One of the countries receiving newly dubbed Superbook episodes is Croatia. In December 2020, an earthquake measuring 6.4 in magnitude hit a town near central Croatia called Petrinja. Up to half the city was destroyed, and 26 people lost their lives. 

However, amid all the anguish and uncertainty was a little 4-year-old boy called Boran, who, full of faith from watching the Superbook episodes, became part of an amazing story! Boran and his mum share, “The children were on the playground with their father, and when the earthquake started…a brick fell, and then I said “I stop you” and the earthquake was stopped!”

Where most children would be screaming for their parents, Boran remembered a Superbook episode he watched recently. His mum, Martina, says, “He watched very intensively in the Superbook in which Jesus raises his hands and stops the sea and says to the storm ‘I stop you’ and the sea calms down.” Moreover, when people were running out of the buildings, scared, panicked and distraught, Martina adds, “he was the only one running joyfully, with a smile from ear to ear and shouted at me from afar, did you see how I stopped it!”

“I would like to thank Superbook for creating such a wonderful medium that teaches children true values and has great results in the real life of children and families. Thank you.”

“He was the only one running joyfully, with a smile from ear to ear.”

A Joint Superbook and Operation Blessing Kindness

After the earthquake, the Superbook team in Europe arranged a series of world premieres of the Croatian dubbed Season 3. It was held across four schools in the region. Children who had been at the heart of the disaster could watch the new episodes for the first time in their language. Thanks to our generous Superbook partners, 250 Superbook backpacks brimming with fantastic Superbook gifts and activities were also given out. They brought joy and laughter to children amid upheaval and distress.  

Over the next few months, members of our humanitarian relief programme, CBN’s Operation Blessing, were able to bring the gospel in both word and deed. They provided basic supplies such as food and hygiene packs to families in need. Living out Matthew 25:40, they served the hungry and gave drinks to the thirsty, all in Jesus’ name.  

Superbook continues to make a bridge into the lives of families all around the world. In times of peace and disaster, it allows children and parents to learn about the love of God for themselves. CBN’s Operation Blessing is right on hand to partner with Gizmo in those times of deep need. 

Thank you for your prayers and generosity that makes stories like this possible!

“In times of peace and disaster, it (Superbook) allows children and parents to learn about the love of God for themselves.”

With three seasons translated into Croatian, there are still two more seasons that my friend Boran has not seen yet. And so many more children across Europe that haven’t even seen Season 1! 

So, my mission is a big one, and I could really use your help. Power me up and go to our website

I’m off now on my next big adventure –follow me on social media to see where I go next!

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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