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Bullied For Her Faith

How does a student respond when classmates ridicule her Christian faith? You’ll be surprised at Tian Tian’s reaction to non-Christian students at her school in China. CBN’s Superbook animation gave her the strength and encouragement she needed! 

Mocked and Ridiculed

Tian Tian is a Christian at a school in China, where most students are atheists and Muslims. 

She shares, “We are taught that there really is no God, but that has never stopped me from believing in the God of the universe and how He forgave our sins by His own blood.” 

She desperately wants her classmates to know God, too. She says, “I want my classmates to be blessed and saved, like I am. But sometimes when I share, they tell me I’m in a cult and that I am lying. One time a boy mocked my faith and I cried.” 

For a month, Tian Tian stopped going to church and was afraid to share the Gospel. Then she had a talk with her dad and remembered an episode of Superbook she’d seen, that was translated into Mandarin for the children of China. 

She declares, “Superbook taught me lots of principles about life, and that made me want to do things God’s way and please Him. Plus, I found out that Chris and Joy are just like me.” 

“My wish is that more and more children in China will watch it and know the Lord Jesus. And that everyone around the world will accept God.” (Tian Tian)

Hope on the Horizon

Tian Tian learned that she had to love her enemies. So, she started praying for the students who’d hurt her feelings. And when she found out there was going to be a Superbook party at church, she invited her classmates. She recalls, “They all came and found it very interesting.” 

After Superbook aired, Tian Tian’s Sunday school teacher asked if there was anyone who wanted to know more about Jesus, and some of Tian Tian’s classmates stood up. 

JiaNing shares, “I had never been to church before, so this was the first time I heard about Jesus. I learned how Jesus could change my life.” 

JianMeng adds, “Now I want to watch more Superbook!” 

“Having my classmates meet Jesus is like saving their lives. It makes me so happy,” says Tian Tian with a smile. “Superbook is fantastic! My wish is that more and more children in China will watch it and know the Lord Jesus. And that everyone around the world will accept God.” 

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