Escape From Abuse: Nazilya’s Story

Nine-year-old Sogdianna lived constantly afraid for her mother’s (Nazilya) welfare. Then CBN’s Orphan’s Promise stepped in and gave Nazilya and her family urgent help, care and love when they needed it the most. Donate now and help to transform lives all over the UK and Europe.

Read on to find out how Nazilya and Sogdianna’s life was radically changed.

Nine-year-old Sogdianna has a big dream. 

“I dream that one day my mother can have a good, happy life,” she says. 

Because the stark reality for Sogdianna’s mother and her four children is a life filled with violence and pain. 

“My father tortured us all night long,” Sogdianna says. “We heard my mother’s cries of pain and could do nothing.” 

“He beat me and threw me down the stairs when I was pregnant,” Nazilya says. “He even kicked me in the stomach. I was so afraid all the time.” 

After one savage beating left Nazilya critically injured, she finally left her abusive husband. She found a small house to rent and occasional work as a street vendor. But, the children were often hungry and cold. 

Nazilya says that it broke her heart to see her children suffer. 

“I said, please forgive me. I looked everywhere for more work, so they could have something to eat.” Sogdianna says, “I prayed and asked God to help us and for my mom to get some money to start a small business. That is her dream.” 

“I dream that one day my mother can have a good, happy life”

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise heard about Nazilya and her family and wanted to help. We stocked her pantry with food and aided with overdue bills. We enrolled all four children in our after-school program where they receive nourishing meals and learn about Jesus. Then, we fulfilled Nazilya’s dream to rent a small kiosk where she sells coffee and snacks. 

Nazilya beams with gratitude when she says, “My dream to start my own business has come true. Thank you. Now, I can provide everything my children need. Our prayers were answered.” 

And that “big dream” of nine-year-old Sogdianna has also come true. 

“My mother has a happy life now and we always have good food to eat,” she says. “You came from far away to help us and make our dreams come true. Thank you.” 


Your gift could go towards helping people like Nazilya and Sogdianna all over the UK and Europe, providing support and care, when and where it is needed most.

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