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3 Years Old and Spreading the Gospel with Superbook!

CBN’s Superbook

Meet Ellorie, she is 3 years old and spreading the Gospel with Superbook!

She’s the pride and joy of her great grandmother, Vickie. Watching the latest Superbook episode is one of their favourite things to do. Read on to discover how Superbook not only impacted Ellorie, but her great grandmother too. Superbook is impacting all ages!

Building a Firm Foundation through Superbook

“We’re always challenged to try and find a new Superbook episode,” says Vickie. “That’s our big thing, because she’s fascinated. She wants more and more.  It gives these kids a hunger.”

One of their favourite episodes is ‘The Story of Jonah’.

“Jonah didn’t go to Ninea (Nineveh) and then him got swallowed by a fish and it was a whale, and him was very bad,” Ellorie explains.

Vickie loves that Superbook is teaching Ellorie the stories of the Bible in a fun, new way.

Now, Ellorie is taking what she’s learned from Superbook and telling other children.

“And I make sure that she understands this is the Bible,” says Vickie.

“These are real stories from the Bible, and they can learn the story exactly as the Bible tells it, and I think that’s what the most profound thing is about Superbook. You brought Joy and Chris and Gizmo in, which brings it down to their level where they know it pertains to their own life. I want to make sure at the end what the lesson was learned, whether it’s forgiveness or you know, that Goliath is bad; David is good. He was brave, so, you need to be brave.  And she’s learned a lot.  And I’ve learned a lot; it’s not just for kids.” says Vickie.

Now, Ellorie is taking what she’s learned from Superbook and telling other children.

“It’s a wonderful thing; it’s definitely what you want for your kids and your grandkids,” Vickie declares. “It’s the legacy you want to leave because that’s their foundation.  And then when you build on that, she’s literally, at three years old, spreading the gospel, by being able to share it, to share Superbook, and her friends learn, they can learn together.  It’s really a beautiful thing.”

Ellorie agrees. “I love Superbook!”

You can make a difference!

Because of the support of our partners, Jesus is transforming many families through Superbook. We invite you to partner with us to make the name of Jesus known in every household in the UK, Europe and beyond. With your help Superbook can continue sharing Jesus with families who desperately need to hear about Him!

Did you know? Stories like Ellorie’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.You too can spread the love of Jesus to more children like Ellorie. Learn More


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