John and Janina’s story

After a tragic accident, John was left in constant, excruciating pain. Then a chance viewing of CBN’s 700 Club changed everything.

John and Janina live in the county of Lincolnshire in England. They both love the 700 club and regularly partner with CBN’s ministry because of their passion for people.

They are deeply impacted by the ministry of CBN as they reach out to people to not just fulfil their physical needs, but also spiritual needs. 

John and Janina love being a part of CBN’s family and they have seen God’s blessings in their lives because of their obedience to give.

“John and Janina love being a part of CBN’s family.”

John shared with us how some years ago he broke his vertebrae whilst working in a garage that left him crippled for 5 years.

He would crawl around his house and was in unbearable pain.

Then one day he saw Gordon giving a word of knowledge on the 700 Club for back pain, and John prayed along with him. Instantly, he was healed.

John’s relationship with CBN continues to grow and he encourages people to give.


Your gift could go towards helping people, like John, all over the UK, Europe and parts of Africa, who are tuning into The 700 Club looking for hope.

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