From Poverty to Thriving – Obi and Belinda’s Story

Obi and Belinda Ndu have seven beautiful kids. They also run five thriving businesses that brought in over two million dollars last year. It’s a welcome change from years ago when Belinda was a single mother, barely making ends meet. Read on to be inspired by God’s faithfulness in difficult seasons and discover how God brought Belinda from poverty to thriving.

Belinda recalls, “All I really saw was poverty. All I saw was the struggle. I didn’t want that for myself, and I didn’t want that for my future. I wanted a different life.” 

She began reading the Bible for answers. “The Lord said, if you will and I will. So, if I’m faithful with 10% of whatever you give me then you will, in turn, bless me abundantly.” 

Even though she was struggling at the time, Belinda started tithing. Faithfully giving every month she remembers being “so excited to show God that I am going to be faithful.” 

Within a few weeks, Belinda got a job selling Legal Services. She kept tithing and helping others. 

“I would pay my 10% to God and the Lord would then always send someone to me that needed help. And I was very faithful with that. I even began to help ministries. The Lord just continued to increase me. I went from getting $1,000 a month, to getting $5,000 a month.”

Then in 2009, Belinda got the opportunity to start a tax business and things took off from there. Belinda says that “as a result of my faithfulness, the Lord that year blessed me with over six figures.” 

In May of 2012, Belinda married Obi, but he wasn’t convinced that tithing was a good idea. He said “When tithing situations come up, there would be this thing inside like, “why do we have to give this money up? We need it! Can we make sure we’re okay first?” 

It’s been truly a blessing and I know that it’s the hands of the Lord.”

Rather than fight with him, Belinda decided to be patient and pray. 

“The enemy uses force, but God gives us the ability to choose. So, I wanted my husband to choose it because he saw it and was convicted. I knew that God could do that, in His time and not mine. And I knew that as a wife and as a woman of God, I could not interfere with that process.”  

Soon Obi was on board. “I wanted inclusion in it. I wanted a part of it. She had this calm; she had this presence. She had this power that I knew that I wanted.” 

The Ndu’s expanded their tax business and invested in new ones. As their income steadily increased, so did their giving. Obi and Belinda both say their obedience to faithfully tithe is the reason for their financial stability and wealth today. 

“If you think about it, tithing is the only area that the Lord says, “test me”. It’s been truly a blessing and I know that it’s the hands of the Lord.” Said Belinda.

Belinda is smiling

Belinda’s faith in Jesus has taken her from poverty to thriving. She and Obi praise God for the blessing they have seen in both their lives as a result of their trust in Him!

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