Superbook in Albania

Recently our features producer, Abhinav, travelled to Albania to film stories of how Superbook is impacting the lives of children there. So, we sat down with him to chat about his trip!

Hi Abhinav! tell us about your trip to Albania, what did you do there? 

I was honoured to travel to Albania in July to visit some partners that we work with. These partners work with children and they have been showing Superbook to them for over 4 years now. I also had the chance to film stories of how Superbook is impacting the lives of children in Albania. 


How did this trip impact you personally, and others? 

I met a 12-year-old girl called Jona who is a Superbook fan and she has been watching Superbook for over 3 years now. Jona originally comes from a Muslim family, but she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour as a result of watching Superbook. When she became a Christian, her Muslim friends started to question her but she did not stop watching Superbook or going to Church. In fact, she started sharing her faith with a Muslim friend called Alexia and took her to church. This resulted in Alexia giving her life to Jesus too! 

At times, I’m not as bold as Jona and her story challenged me to share my faith with others more. It also taught me how powerful and important it is to share our stories of faith with the people around us. 


“I don’t think anyone else would have died for my sins apart from Jesus”, says 12 year old Jona.

“Millions of children are coming to know Jesus through Superbook.”

Why do you believe projects like this are important? 

I believe that Superbook is the strongest tool that we have in our hands at CBN right now. It’s quality and authentic Biblical teaching is impacting children all around the world. Millions of children are coming to know Jesus through Superbook. As someone once said, “it is easier to build strong children than to fix men and women”.  They are our future generation, and if we can impact their lives then they are going to change the world with the truth of the Gospel.  


How can we stand in prayer with you? 

  • Superbook has been translated into 14 European languages so far and we are in the process of translating it into 6 more. As CBN Europe, it’s our desire to translate Superbook into every European language. It would be wonderful if you could pray with us to see this completed and if God leads you to give into CBN then kindly do so. The seed that you are going to sow today will bring a mighty harvest tomorrow. 
Tirana, the capital of Albania.

“I am so excited for all that God is doing through CBN in Albania.” – Abhinav

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