Fixing a tiny broken heart: PingShun’s story

PingShun entered the world under a frightening set of circumstances. But God had other plans for his life. Read on to discover how CBN had the privilege of partnering with this young boy to see his rescue.

PingShun was born prematurely and immediately rushed into the ICU.  

His father recalls well, “I followed PingShun as they took him out of the delivery room. I could see that he was very small and weak. He wasn’t crying like a normal baby. He sounded like a little kitten.”  

The problem turned out to be his heart.  

“There were two parts that kept expanding, but wouldn’t grow,” explains Mr. Yang. “So, his blood supply was bad, and he couldn’t breathe.”    

His wife shares with sorrow, “The first time I saw my son, he was covered in tubes. I told him that Jesus loves him. All I could do was pray and ask God to look after him.”  

After three weeks with no improvement, PingShun was transferred to a specialist in Beijing. Doctors there said without surgery, he’d die, but he was too small for the procedure. Even if he did gain weight, the family couldn’t afford an expensive operation. 

Mrs. Yang cries, “I had never seen a child tortured like this before. It was like a knife piercing my heart. I wanted to sell my organs, but I couldn’t find anyone to buy them.”  

Meanwhile, the couple kept praying. So did their older son.  

PingAn says, “I wanted him to come home so we could play together. So, I asked Jesus to please make him better soon.”

“Now we have a deeper understanding of God. I really think CBN is God’s blessing to the world.

When CBN heard about PingShun, how his parents were poor and had been sleeping in the hospital halls, we connected them with a church. We also found accommodation for them, provided food, and prayed for PingShun.    

Mrs. Yang exclaims, “We saw how big the family of God really is.”  

And when PingShun had gained enough weight to have surgery, we paid for it right away. 

“I was so excited,” Mrs. Yang says. “My hands were shaking.”  

“The missing parts of PingShun’s heart were replaced,” his father reports. Now he can eat and sleep.  He’s gaining weight and is very strong!”  

“My brother is healed. Now we can play together!” exclaims PingAn.  

“When he grows up, I will be sure to tell him about God’s love and CBN,” Mr. Yang says.  

PingShun’s mother concludes, “Without your help, I don’t know how we would have had the strength to go through all of this. Now we have a deeper understanding of God. I really think CBN is God’s blessing to the world.”


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