Superbook for the Whole Family

Learning Biblical values through Superbook.

There’s at least one thing in the mail that gets the Spencer family excited, the next Superbook episode.

Kyle says, “My son, he’ll start jumping up and down, we’ll look at the cover and then open up the form and then, he’ll want me to put it in. Usually we’ll gather up altogether here and watch it.”

Kyle loves how it teaches his children about the Bible.  “They’re learning a lot and they’re grasping it at a faster rate than, you know, I did when I was growing up.”

He also appreciates that they’re learning biblical values. “My son in particular, I think he gets a lot of those values just from watching the show. He’s seeing how the brother and sister necessarily interact. He interacts with his sister a lot in those ways. I mean, they kind of interact with each other that way.”

The Spencer's watching Superbook.
The Spencer's watching Superbook together.

“They created something that I think every kid in the world should see.”

Superbook even has three-year-old Julianna’s attention! “She’s starting to actually sit down and actually watch it more as a story now. But if a certain scene comes up that entertains her, she’s getting more excited about it. She’ll put her hands up and scream at the screen at certain points throughout it. Or kind of hum the melody of the music in it.”

What makes it even more special for Kyle, is that it brings them together.

“They see that and I think that helps build a stronger relationship with us. It’s something they can take with them and they can grow up with it and grow up on. I’m just extremely thankful for CBN for putting it out. I’m thankful for the creators and producers behind the show. They created something that I think every kid in the world should see. It’s had an effect on our kids. They’re learning values and it’s entertaining for them.”

Julianna is enjoying watching Superbook.

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