Mabel and Bethel’s story

For most people, giving birth to twins is a happy occasion. But for the parents of Mabel and Bethel, this was a frightening time. Read on to find out how CBN Orphan’s Promise brought hope in a time of great uncertainty.

Mabel and Bethel are happy 4-year-old twins.  They live together at a children’s home built by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise.  Their parents are Christian, but in this remote part of Nigeria, tribal superstition says that twins are a curse.

Usually when twins are born, they are just left in the back room of a compound to starve to death.  If parents want to raise them, at some point, when the father is away, working in the fields, witch doctors will come in tribal masks and costumes, and scare off the mother.

They’ll give the babies a slow acting poison that takes weeks to kill them.  Then the elders and witch doctors will perform an animal sacrifice at an altar like this one, to appease the spirits and keep the ghosts of the cursed twins away.

Mabel and Bethel’s parents wanted to raise them, but they knew what would happen if they tried.  So they sent them to the children’s home.

“At that home they are healthy and well cared for. That makes me very happy. Thank you.”

The home is run by Gloria and her husband Shola. Together they’ve taken in more than 60 children.

The girls are so happy to have beds, and a home to call their own. Living here, they have a chance at a good future, and they still spend time with their parents.

Ayuba, the twin’s father says, “When I see my twins, my heart absolutely melts. At that home they are healthy and well cared for. That makes me very happy. Thank you.”


Your gift could go towards helping children like Mabel and Bethel all over the UK, Europe and parts of Africa, building children’s homes that ensure food, clothing and other basic needs are provided.

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