Becky’s Story

God uses a Facebook post to change the course of a family’s life forever!


Becky’s Story

God uses a Facebook post to change the course of a family’s life forever!


Although they weren’t aware of it, God had a great plan for Becky and Matthew. They met on a mission trip and felt God calling them to begin ministering to children. In 2012, they stepped out and started King’s Children’s Home in Kenya.  

King’s Children’s Home gives shelter to hundreds of kids that live in destitution on the streets of Kenya. After one of these visits, Matthew and Becky made a fundraising trip to the United States, where Matthew began to feel sick. 

It began with the usual symptoms of flu, then developed to chills and a fever,” Becky said. And then a few days went by and he just kept deteriorating, so we went to the doctor. 

When they arrived at the hospital, Matthew was placed in isolation for 3 days. Every sign pointed towards a deadly virus. The doctors thought it might be Ebola – Matthew had every symptom and this was during the Ebola outbreak.    

Alone in a foreign country, and unable to touch or hold Matthew, it was getting harder for Becky to cope with what the doctors were saying.

Finally, they had a breakthrough with Matthew’s diagnosis. 

“They found out that he had malaria and we were relieved! We thought he’d have a few days on tablets and he’d be fine.”  

The day after they diagnosed malaria, the Doctor pulled Becky into a room and said  “You have to know, your husband’s life is hanging in the balance.”   

His malaria levels had to risen to 50%. As a nurse, Becky knew that naturally speaking there was no coming back from that. The doctor gave Matthew 2 or 3 hours left to live.   

Becky knew that the only hope for Matthew was the power of prayer, so she sent out a Facebook post asking people to pray for her dying husband.

“I put my phone down and I was just praying, just trying to pull myself together and then I walked out of the room and this nurse beckoned me over and she had a big smile on her face. I remember thinking she must not know what I have just been told.    

The nurse said, “I have no idea what has just taken place, but we have just got a second round of pathology results back and his malaria levels have dropped from 50% down to 10%.”  

“I remember thinking, at that moment, God is doing something!” smiles Becky. 

Matthew’s malaria levels went from 10%, down to 5% and then finally to 0%. His miraculous healing shook the whole hospital and news spread into the wider medical community. Everyone was amazed at how this could have happened.   

Matthew is alive today and knows that it was the power of God that saved him.  

“Jesus promised me that He would never leave me nor forsake me.  So although the doctors didn’t want to come near me, although the nurses were scared to touch me, Jesus was right there with me and that’s what faith is all about.” 

Becky’s pleas for prayer had also spread across social media.  

“When I picked up my phone, I looked at Facebook and I had 2000 messages from people, strangers who I’d never even met, saying that they were praying and fasting,” said Matthew.  

“I was humbled. I thought how God your church is the most incredible army on the planet to be mobilised so quickly to pray for someone they didn’t even know. This is pretty incredible.” 

Matthew’s life is proof of the power of prayer. The doctors even acknowledged that this had to be a miracle because there is no explanation for Matthew’s recovery.  

Today Matthew and Becky run a ministry called ‘One by One’ and they continue to share their story of miraculous healing with people around the world. 

Becky used Facebook to harness the power of prayer and hundreds of people were able to pray and connect together. At CBN, that’s exactly our heart too – we want to use social media and technology to reach people with the light and love of God.  

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