Jona met Jesus through watching Superbook on TV in Albania

Jona’s Story – Transformed! Superbook on TV

Jona lives in northern Albania with her brother and sister, where Superbook is broadcast on National TV. However, Jona had a secret…

“I have lied often. Once I was playing with my older sister’s phone and I broke it and I told my mum that my little brother broke it. I put the blame on him.” Said Jona.

Jona knew in her heart that what she was doing was wrong. Then one day she came across Superbook on TV.

“I liked it very much as it tells about the life of Jesus and the teachings He gave.” Said Jona.

Then Jona heard that she could watch more Superbook episodes on TV at a church near her home and that’s when she watched how Jesus gave His life on the cross for her sins.

“I was very touched because He died on the cross, He was nailed on the cross and it all happened because of our sins.”

Jona realised that her lies were sin.

“I knew He suffered for me, for the sins, for the bad things I did. It almost felt like Jesus touched my heart and I felt very bad. I asked God to forgive me and I did it with all my heart.” Said Jona.

That day she went home and talked to her mum and her sister. “I asked them to forgive me for lying.”

“I don’t think anyone else would do what Jesus did.”

Now that she was a Christian her friends started to ask questions about what she had done.

“They said how can you believe this? We are different. I told them that there is only one God. I said that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and to save me. I don’t think anyone else would do what Jesus did.  I invited my friend Alexia to church because I wanted to share the same love to her.” Said Jona.

Jona then invited her best friend Alexia to watch Superbook with her at church.

“Now Alexia has become a Christian too. I like Superbook very much because it tells about the life of Jesus and his teachings. I can never imagine my life without Jesus because I am His daughter and I cannot live without Him.” Said Jona.

Jona led her friend Alexia to Christ through Superbook.

Jona is so thankful for Superbook and how watching it lead her to a life changing relationship with Jesus.

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