Superbook in Greece

Recently Ania travelled to Greece to raise awareness for Superbook and to explore ministry possibilities. So, we sat down with her to chat about her trip!

Hi Ania! tell us about your trip to Greece, what did you do there? 

I went on this trip to raise awareness for Superbook and to explore ministry possibilities in Greece. 

One evening, we hosted an evangelistic Superbook event at a childrens kids camp near Athens. 75 children attended this event, all of them from non-Christian backgrounds. We showed them the Superbook “David and Goliath” episode and after that had a quiz based on the episode. All of the children loved the quiz and happily answered the questions, they won lots of prizes such as Bibles and sweets. 

We also showed them the Superbook salvation poem dance followed by a gospel presentation. At the end we prayed the salvation prayer with the children and finally, had sports activities. The children expressed how thankful they were for this event! Superbook will be used during the school year at this kid’s club so that the children can continue learning about Jesus. 


How did this trip impact you personally, and others? 

I have seen many needs in Greece. Greece is a very religious country with Orthodox Christianity as the state religion. People here are very religious but don’t know about God personally, my heart is to change this!. During this trip I visited Roma communities and a Refugee Centre for women and children that live in extreme poverty. It was shocking and heartbreaking to see children and families living in these conditions. As Christians I believe that we should respond. I don’t believe that everything I have seen is by accident, I believe God has called me to do something and make a difference.  So, as CBN, we are looking into ways in which we can support these families and bring Jesus into their homes. 

“I am so excited for more opportunities like this to open doors for CBN and the Gospel in Greece.”


Why do you believe trips like these are important? 

Trips like these are great ways to fulfil our calling to reach the nations for Christ and be aware of the needs that people have in different countriesSuperbook is a great evangelistic tool that can be used to reach different language groups living in Greece. I believe trips like these are important to make connections, for example, I was able to visit a tv station in Greece who are willing to broadcast CBN programs such as Superbook. I am so excited for more opportunities like this to open doors for CBN and the Gospel in Greece. 


How can we stand in prayer with you? 

  • Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in reaching out to people in Greece. 
  • Open doors for Superbook broadcasting on national television. 
  • Opportunities for humanitarian projects in the Roma and refugee communities.
  • God’s provision so that we can develop more projects and reach more people in Greece.

Your gift could go towards furthering the work of CBN in Greece so that many families are transformed by the truth of the Gospel.

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