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The Tominet’s Family

The Tominet’s, a precious family living in Ukraine, were struggling to provide even the most basic of needs for their large family. Unsure of where to turn, the Tominet’s were desperate. That’s when Orphan’s Promise discovered their situation and, together with your kind partnership, began to help this family change their circumstances for the better.

Lead Us to the Lost

“We always pray in the morning: ‘Lord, lead us to places where people need our help’. We prayed that way on that morning and went our way,” shares Olya, a member of the team helping families in desperate situations to rebuild their lives.   

“We were going to a different family. Yet God rerouted us here. When we came, it became clear to us that these people are in a dire need. The faces of the children living in those horrible conditions touched us the most. It’s hard to describe. Nobody lives like that nowadays,” Olya continues.  

Natalia, a member of a family that is receiving help shares, “It was very hard. We moved from place to place. Never had our own home. I am an orphan. I have no family that could help me. I just asked God to help us…  

My husband worked at seasonal jobs. Yet all the money was going for food because we have a lot of kids. We didn’t have enough to buy food and clothes for all of us. And we still had to pay a high rent and to heat the house.  

Struggling with Basic Needs

Bathing was hard because there was no water supply. Cooking food wasn’t easy either: by the time you start the fire and heat the stove and then cook a meal, the kids are already up and walking around you hungry.  

But the hardest part for me was the conditions we lived in, there was mould and mildew, and I was afraid the kids will get sick.”  

Olya adds, “They were in need of everything. The roof was leaking, there was no water and no electricity. The children were sleeping in pairs on the broken beds. We had to start from scratch. And we started from talking about God’s grace and His ability to give us a way out.  

We started helping by bringing clothes, food and medicine because children were often sick living in those conditions. During every visit we preached the Gospel and simply talked to them because they were very lonely.  

We did those visits for quite a while and realized that our help wasn’t bringing the change we wanted to see. We started to pray more and ask God for help. And He answered our prayers.  

Praise God for everybody, for all the partners, for every hand that helped. May God bless you all. Thank you very much!


Bringing Lasting Change

Through Orphan’s Promise God blessed this family with an absolutely wonderful house. I am in awe of the house. Only God can do such a miracle. And now we simply rejoice together with the parents and their children. It is such an unbelievable gift. Such a beautiful answer from the Lord! 

The faces of the children changed. They have sparkles in their eyes now! It’s a joy to see them run from room to room. As to the parents: when we first met them, they always looked sad, depressed, with their heads always down. It was because of despair. Now they get to know their neighbours, they see a totally different world.  

It’s a totally different life. A full turn-around. And all this because of the Lord and all the partners that helped to let it happen.  

The Tominets family now have the opportunity to build a new life. Because of your giving, we’ve been able to provide a beautiful new home for the family, free from damp and mould. Through our Orphan’s Promise partners we can continue to give the help and support needed.  

“We will continue to help. We want to engage the kids in different projects. We have a piece of land for them. Many acres. We already planted a lot of things there. Their kids are learning to work the land – it will help them in life.  

Long-Term Livelihood

In fall we will help them to can and freeze the harvested vegetables so that they can have food for the winter. But also, we are thinking about helping them to start a business with a microloan. We hope we can do it. They would raise pigs and chickens. The parents agree. They are very happy.”  

Orphan’s Promise is committed to supporting families to rebuild and reshape their future with their own hands. To restore dignity and to renew hope. Through the faithful support of our partners, we will continue to come alongside the Tominets family and many others just like them, helping to bring a hope and a future to the generations to come.    

Natalia shares enthusiastically, “Well, this is like a fairytale. We feel like heroes of a TV show. Like we lived through a fairytale. We are so happy.”  

Olya concludes, “Praise God for everybody, for all the partners, for every hand that helped. May God bless you all. Thank you very much!” 

Did you know? Stories like the Tominet’s family’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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