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Help for Turkey Earthquake Victims

TURKEY – A massive earthquake ripped through Turkey and parts of Syria overnight on February 6, 2023. This 7.8 magnitude quake is already responsible for the deaths of thousands as first responders scramble to help people trapped in the aftermath.

Following a heartbreaking natural disaster like this, the race is on to help as many suffering men, women, and children as possible. Time is a critical factor. However, Operation Blessing has decades of disaster response experience and began deploying a relief team the very same day to the Turkey Earthquake.

After a tragedy of this scope, many find themselves homeless and traumatized as the infrastructure of their homes, schools, and businesses have crumbled. In addition, relief efforts are launched to reach as many people as possible who are trapped under tons of concrete. Medical and relief facilities are often over capacity as they cope with the scores of injured people in need of assistance.

Turkey Earthquake: Aftershocks In A Seismically Active Area

Even after the initial impact, dozens of aftershocks have continued to rock the area. The region is no stranger to seismic activity. They have faced dozens of earthquakes over the last hundred years. But some are already saying this could be the worst disaster to hit the country in nearly a century.

Operation Blessing’s International Disaster Relief Team

Operation Blessing’s International Disaster Relief Team has been deployed to the area. This region—particularly northern Syria—has already been devastated by civil war, displacing millions, and many remaining residents continue to live in poor conditions.

Together with partners like you, Operation Blessing is taking this opportunity to show God’s love to those who are hurting by meeting critical needs. Our multinational team of relief specialists is assessing the situation with partners in the region to determine how we may best serve the people in the aftermath of this terrible disaster.

Please Pray For Turkey And Syria

Please join us in praying for those who are suffering and grieving loved ones and check back for response updates. To give a special gift to help disaster victims today, visit ob.org/disasterrelief

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  • Amanda Jackson

    Thank God for operation Blessing and all the wonderful work it does. Never mentioned as far as I know on the BBC News. Always one of the first relief organisations to arrive on the scene after a disaster with lorries and aid. I’m glad to be a supporter of it for over many years. Sending up much prayer. Keep up the good work OB. Jesus is surely coming back soon