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Warming A Child

War-torn Ukraine has not only got physical evidence of devastation. It can also be seen in the lives of those who live there. Precious people are going without heating, food and essential supplies, struggling to make ends meet. CBN’s Orphan’s Promise has had the absolute privilege of going into some of the affected areas and bringing hope through education, food supplies and heating materials.  

A Long Hard Road

For the past long seven years, since the war broke out in Ukraine, people have been dying, losing their homes, livelihoods, peace and hope. Those who stayed in their ancestral land – now the frontline zone – are living in dire conditions and struggling daily for survival. 

Children are suffering the most as many of them don’t even know or remember a life without war.  

“When we came here, I was taken aback to see so many children were living on the frontline. What broke my heart the most was to see pain and suffering in their eyes, something that the war brought into their lives,” shares a member of the community. “Children have the freedom to go wherever they want to. They wander through their ruined streets and what they see all around them are signs of the war. Marks of missiles and bullets. It becomes a reality of their childhood,” she adds.  

In the winter their houses are not heated so children must do their homework bundled up in winter clothes and even sleep fully dressed under blankets at night. Their parents cannot afford to buy firewood and, in an attempt to heat their houses, they make firewood with whatever they have at hand – tree branches and nut shells.  

“There is no work here. No factories, no businesses, nothing where people can make money to buy food, clothes and wood for heating,” remarks a member of the local community 

“We lack clothes, food and firewood, the only income we have is government aid for children which is $145. That’s it. I even asked my neighbours to give us some wood so that we could heat the house a little bit for the children,” shares a member of the community.  

“We were threatened to have the gas cut off because we couldn’t pay for it and therefore, almost every year, it is very cold in our home,” adds another lady from the community.  

Living in a cold house is hard, but getting a cold, hardened heart would be even worse. We must prevent it from happening even to the children who are living through the horrors of a war. That is the reason why, all of these years, Orphan’s Promise continues to work in the conflict zone.  

“There is no work here. No factories, no businesses, nothing where people can make money to buy food, clothes and wood for heating.” 

Encouragement, Comfort and Help

Partnering with the local churches, Orphan’s Promise staff and volunteers regularly distribute the needed supplies like food packages, clothes and other necessities. We provide ongoing education through after school training centres and special events that bring encouragement, comfort and help save childhood for the children from thee disadvantaged families.  

Such care, love and compassion bring back joy and hope into their lives.  

“They work very hard, putting in a lot of time and effort into what they do. Even when they are very tired, they still continue their work and we are very thankful for that. What they are doing is so important and I hope they never stop working in our effected by war town. If not for them, I don’t think anybody else would do it,” shares a young girl from the community. 

I like Tatiana, she teaches us to bless the Lord and she reminds us that He is always with us,” adds a grateful young boy from the community.  

The children happily come here. They change here because we pray with them and God touches their hearts through His Word. Their hearts are softened. They share their struggles and we get an opportunity to help them,” shares a member of the local community 

I like Tatiana, she teaches us to bless the Lord and she reminds us that He is always with us.”

Warm A Child

This winter, Orphan’s Promise held a ‘warm a child’ campaign in the east of Ukraine. 48 tonnes of heating brochettes were donated for the resident so of the frontline zone. 24 large families received enough burning supplies to keep them warm through the whole winter. These children and their caretakers are happy knowing that they will survive through another cold season.  

A mother from the community shares, “I’m very thankful that there are people who help families like ours.” 

“Our deepest gratitude. Praise God for you and your help. It is such a support for us, thank you very much,” adds another member of the community.  

A young lady from the community shares, “I am very grateful that Orphan’s Promise brought us heating brochettes and our house is warm now. Thank you very much.” 

“We thank you. May God be with you also,” a young boy from the community cheerfully adds.  

Here at Orphan’s Promise, we dream about a world where no child suffers. Together with you, our partners, we continue doing everything possible so that the children in the war zone of eastern Ukraine would not forget the meaning of the world ‘warmth’ – both the warmth of their houses and the warmth of the people’s hearts 

“Your influence is huge. Your help gave these people not only brochettes but also poured warmth and kindness into their hearts. Children will be warm and happy now. Thank you very much Orphan’s Promise,” concludes a very grateful member of the community.

Did you know? Stories like these are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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