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Childlike Faith

The first time Anya went to church in her village in Eastern Ukraine, she was introduced to the stories of the Bible through Superbook. With no previous knowledge of the truth of God’s Word, she thought that the cartoons were just that—stories.

But when her aunt explained that the stories were true, she wanted to know more. “I really wanted to know what other miracles God had done,” she explained eagerly.

However, Anya’s parents weren’t so sure about her newfound interest in the church. Yet Anya still had hope. “I began praying that my parents would start attending the church,” and soon her prayer was answered!

“I couldn’t help but wonder,” Anya’s mother said, “where my daughter went and why she liked it there. And on Sunday, I went to the service with my daughter.”

Today, thanks to partners like you, who allow Superbook to reach into Churches, both Anya and her mother love God and are devoted followers of Christ.

“I really wanted to know what other miracles God had done.”

Did you know? Stories like Anya’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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