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Finding Help Amidst Great Loss

In Jajce, Bosnia, Nikolina’s family struggled with no electricity or running water. Having to find other ways of navigating the challenges this brought would lead to a deep and tragic loss. Though what was lost could never be replaced, CBN’s Orphan’s Promise were able to step in and walk alongside Nikolina’s family every step of the way. Because of our partner’s generosity, Nikolina’s family received hope once again for their future.

An Avoidable Tragedy

Nikolina was a young girl who for a few years had been involved in CBN’s Orphan’s Promise sports project in Jajce, Bosnia. Her mother Nena shares, “She was always happy, cheerful and she loved to help everyone. Really, I don’t think there was a happier girl than her.”
The neighbourhood they lived in created difficult circumstances as they had no running water or electricity. For Nikolina, it was something she had always wanted because she loved cartoons and studying under a light and not a candle. Because there was no light, Nikolina always had a candle next to her bed so she could see her way to the bathroom at night.
“At around 1:30 am, Suad (Nikolina’s Father) woke me up. He said to get up and that the house was full of smoke. We jumped up and got out of bed. He went to see Nikolina’s room. It was burning, in flames.”
Nena continues, “Somehow, I grabbed both of my other children. I wanted to go inside again, to get Nikolina out. But I couldn’t. Suad tried to go inside also, but when he opened the door, the fire threw him back. After that, we called our neighbours for help. There was a young man that tried to put the fire out with water. He tried to use the hose, but the pressure in the hose wasn’t strong enough to put the fire out.”
In the confusion, the neighbours had no idea that another child was still inside, despite Nikolina’s parents repeating again and again that there was. Their neighbours tried to reassure them that they had all their children and there was no one left inside
“Only when they put the fire out, they realised there was another child in the house.”

“Somehow, I grabbed both of my other children. I wanted to go inside again, to get Nikolina out. But I couldn’t.”

CBN Partners Help Create A Fresh Start

After being placed in temporary accommodation, in spite of everything that had happened, Nena found the strength to say thank you to God. “I’m thankful for what I have. But I wouldn’t wish it for anybody to get it like this, anybody.”
As soon as CBN’s Orphan’s Promise heard about this tragic story, they were deeply moved and had to step in. Not only were they able to help with funeral arrangements, but they were also able to source a new home that had running water and electricity. Nikolina’s two siblings now have a safe place to grow up.
Suad gratefully shares, “With your help, you bought us the goats. Now, if we need anything, we know you are here.”
Because of the committed giving of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise partners, more was able to happen for this family. Not only goats and emergency food parcels but seeds and plants to produce a sustainable source of food, as well as grain and chickens for eggs and meat. Emotional support was also provided as Nikolina’s family learnt to live in a different world without their daughter.
To the partners who give so generously, Nena says, “I am grateful to everyone. For getting involved, to the max, in everything. I am truly grateful to you. If you weren’t here, I don’t know what would happen to us, and where we would end up, maybe even on the streets. We are so thankful to the people, to Orphan’s Promise, who have always been there for us.”

I am truly grateful to you. If you weren’t here, I don’t know what would happen to us.”

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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