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CBN Europe 2020 Highlights

What a year 2020 was. We faced flash flooding, a global pandemic and so much more. Yet in the midst of a difficult year, God has been so faithful.

2020 has been a year of stretching, moulding and getting creative. Because of the support of our partners, we have been able to introduce new initiatives and projects which have enabled us to advance God’s Kingdom even further!

From handing out Hope Boxes, to creating new digital content for TV and social media. We are so thankful to God for all the good that came out of a challenging year.

Our 2020 Story

Operation Blessing continues to be a strong arm of CBN’s humanitarian aid. In 2020 Operation Blessing reached out to people all across the globe to make sure that people knew they were not alone in their circumstances.

For example, Operation Blessing’s Hunger Strike Force distributed food supplies to those who were struggling to feed themselves. With the help of our faithful partners, we were able to make up packages to bless communities across the UK, Europe and beyond.

2020 was also the year of ‘Word for the Week’. Guest contributors such as J Vessel and Nathan Beaton shared potent devotionals with us to inspire and encourage us along in our walks with God. It was so great to hear from a wealth of different people, from different walks of life and with different experiences of faith.

Superbook! It was a great year for Superbook as further episodes were released and more testimonies were shared of the impact that Superbook is having on young and old alike. The biblical stories shared through quality animation continue to have a lasting effect on the lives of children and their families.

The pandemic hit all of us in different ways in 2020, but for some it meant jobs lost and incomes drastically reduced. To help families who were struggling to put food on the table, CBN’s Hope Boxes were delivered during lockdown to those who needed it most. We were able to provide basic supplies that would enable at risk families to survive through the challenge of lockdown.

It was a powerful year, but now we look to 2021 for all that God would do in and through us here at CBN Europe, and with the help of our generous CBN Europe partners.

Exciting Developments

An exciting development in 2020 was our Facebook DEVO series! Created to equip, inspire and encourage, these short creative devotional videos pull out different aspects of faith, life and following Jesus and cause us to think about human experience.

The opening of a transition house for vulnerable young girls in Ukraine was a definite highlight of 2020. Girls who grew up in stressful environments, often without supervision or parental care – sometimes without a roof over their heads – were identified and given a new home. Education, purpose and love are all part of the programme at the transition house. Praise God for the opportunity of helping to turn these girls’ futures around.

Due to the pandemic and lockdowns we were unable to get guests into the CBN Europe studio. However, thanks to Zoom, we were able to conduct interviews over the airwaves! Featuring our interviewers Adam Howard and Beth Parkinson, we met online with passionate Christians such as Cath Woolridge, author of Pylon People and Gracie Wright. Head on over to our Facebook page to catch up on any interviews or videos that you may have missed.

Amidst the business and activity of 2020 we still maintained a presence on TV through UK spots, The 700 Club and Interactive.

Finally, our Hope Line has remained a pillar of hope in the lives of many, particularly as the pandemic and lockdown hit. Call volume increased significantly as many reached out to share the burden of fear and uncertainty with our incredible team. Hope became a solid theme for us at CBN Europe in 2020 as we realised what a solid foundation we have in Jesus.

It was a powerful year, but now we look to 2021 for all that God would do in and through us here at CBN Europe, and with the help of our generous CBN Europe partners.

Did you know? Projects and Impact like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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