Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Oh is a single mum raising her young son alone. Her husband abandoned when she was still pregnant with their son, Tao, who is now six years old. “Tao means everything to me,” said Oh. “When life is difficult, he inspires me to press on.” 

Oh worked part-time at a restaurant to earn money to buy food for her son and elderly mother. She had to borrow for other things like clothes and school fees for Tao. “I got stressed and I worried about how I would pay the money to all the people that I owe. I couldn’t seem to find a way out.” 

Oh’s mother Na told us“My daughter couldn’t sleep at night because she worried about money. I wanted to help but didn’t know how. I just tried to hide my tears from her.”   

Unexpectedly, Grandma Na suffered an aneurysm and was hospitalized for two months. Oh borrowed more money to pay the medical bills. 

“When I saw her hospital bills, I was shocked,” said Oh. “I thought why don’t problems ever stop coming at us? I owed so much money, more than £1600. I did everything I could to keep my mum alive.” 

 The stress over their finances and Na’s health affected Tao too. “I watched my mum cry. I felt so sad for her” he said. 

“My life was like a tree that was near death, then Orphan’s Promise came and gave us new life through my new business”

Then, a neighbour told Oh about CBN’s Orphan’s Promise.  Orphan’s Promise poured a concrete slab and installed everything needed to start a small restaurant in Oh’s house. She continued to work hard and her income has now doubled. Oh has now been able to pay off her mum’s medical bills.  

“My life was like a tree that was near death,” said Oh. “Then Orphan’s Promise came and gave us new life through my new business!” 

Grandma Na is now back on her feet and helping prepare food the restaurant.   

“Now, I see my mum and my son smiling every day,” said Oh, smiling herself. 

You helped our family and brought a bright light into our lives! Thank you!” 


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Oh and her son Tao
“You helped our family and brought a bright light into our lives! Thank you!”

The incredible work of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise has enabled Oh, and so many others, to establish new steams of income in their communities.

Oh is thriving, bringing hope and stability for herself and her son.

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