Running from war, running out of options: Hassan’s Story

Hassan thought he couldn’t go any further until CBN stepped in to provide for his family.  Donate now and help to transform lives all over the UK and Europe.

Before leaving Syria, Hassan and his family lived a comfortable life in a big house on their own farm. Today, the entire family lives in one small tent in Turkey, and they’re struggling to survive.

“Our home was destroyed in the war,” says Hassan. “We had to run for our lives. We came here to escape the fighting and look for work.”

Finding everyday necessities such as water is hard enough. But while we delivered food to the camp, Hassan told us the kids and all the families were terrified of snakes crawling into their tents after dark. We also found out he’s severely diabetic and was running low on insulin.

“I’m very sick, but I have to work to feed my family,” says Hassan. “I work in the fields until I am about to pass out, then eat a sugar cube.”

Hassan showed us his family’s tent and his dwindling supply of insulin.

“I’m so worried about what my family would do without me that I can’t sleep at night,” says Hassan. “Sometimes, I have panic attacks and can’t control my breathing.”

“We’ve been running from the war for a long time; you are the first people who have helped us.”

Two days later, CBN went back to the camp with a fresh supply of insulin for Hassan and a few surprises for all the families. We got a water tank and hooked up a hose for the camp. We also ran electricity to every tent and set up lights.

“Now that we have lights, we won’t have to be afraid of snakes anymore,” says Hassan.

CBN brought food, water, medicine, and electricity to this little refugee camp, and Rahman, our local missionary, spoke with everyone about Jesus Christ.

Here in Turkey, CBN is reaching out to those most in need, sharing the love of Christ and bringing hope for a better future.

“Thank you so much for the insulin. With the help you brought to us, we can rest at ease for a while. We’ve been running from the war for a long time; you are the first people who have helped us,” says Hassan.


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