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Desislava’s Journey of Faith: The Power of Superbook

A remarkable six-year-old girl named Desislava Aivazova lives in the beautiful city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Desislava’s journey is one of courage, faith, and the transformative power of a little girl’s unwavering belief. Read on to hear how God used Superbook in this young girl’s life and the difference it can make.

Finding a Treasure Called Superbook

Desislava’s parents, while good-hearted, did not share her strong faith. Her father had once been a part of the church but had strayed during his tumultuous teenage years, while her mother remained distant from matters of faith. Despite this, Desislava’s grandparents, devout believers themselves, sought to nourish her spiritual curiosity. With her parents’ permission, they occasionally took her to church and Sunday school, which Desislava eagerly attended, soaking in every word and lesson.

It was during a visit to her friend Karina’s house that Desislava first encountered Superbook, a captivating animated series. The episode she watched left a profound impression on her young heart, igniting a flame of curiosity and thirst for more. Desislava longed to explore the other episodes, and her joy knew no bounds when, at Christmas, she discovered the complete three seasons of Superbook on a USB stick at her grandmother’s place. Grateful for this newfound treasure, she carefully gathered all the USB sticks and brought them home.

From that moment on, Superbook became Desislava’s treasured companion. Her love for the series was so deep that she wept and refused to eat when her parents, unaware of the impact it had on her, prohibited her from watching an episode. She watched the episodes repeatedly, finding solace, inspiration, and valuable insights with each viewing. Desislava’s favourite episodes were “Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream” and “The Test.” As she watched, her heart filled with anticipation, wondering if Abram would find mercy for his son or if he would choose to obey God. She would share these captivating stories with her family, recounting the struggles of David, both in his youth and old age.

Through Superbook, Desislava discovered a wealth of knowledge about God. Fear of the devil initially gripped her, but with each episode, she learned not to be afraid. She realised that God helps those in need and that she, too, could rely on His strength through prayer. Desislava learned that God is the mightiest force in the world, stronger than any adversary. Moreover, she gained a profound understanding of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection—a revelation that filled her heart with awe.

“Desislava learned that God is the mightiest force in the world, stronger than any adversary.”

A Deeper Longing for Prayer and Church Community

Desislava yearned to attend Sunday school regularly, yet her parents rarely granted her the opportunity. On those rare Sundays when she was allowed to go, her joy knew no bounds. She shared her excitement, expressing to others that although her parents weren’t part of the church, she herself was an integral part. These reflections stemmed from the immense influence Superbook had on her life.

Despite facing physical limitations due to a cyst on her knee, invisible to the eye, Desislava refused to be disheartened. Before Superbook, she had worried about her recovery, but now she had discovered the power of prayer. She fervently prayed to God, seeking healing, peace within her family, and friends to share the wonders of Superbook with. She prayed for the opportunity to attend Sunday school regularly. Miraculously, her parents began to yield, allowing her to visit the church more frequently. Desislava wasted no time sharing her newfound love with all her friends, hoping they, too, would experience the magic of Superbook. Her prayers expanded, encompassing the salvation of her little sister, cousins, friends, and even her parents.

Desislava’s life took a beautiful turn when she found solace and companionship within the Sunday school community. The once-forbidden treasure had opened doors to lasting friendships and an invitation to attend Sunday school regularly. Anticipation built within her heart as she looked forward to each Sunday and the lessons that awaited her there.

While Desislava eagerly awaited the release of the fourth season of Superbook, she continued to watch and re-watch the episodes from the first three seasons. The USB sticks, a gift from the Infinity Foundation Ministry, became her pathway to faith, knowledge, and the wondrous world of Superbook.

Desislava’s story teaches us that age is no barrier to the power of faith, and a young heart, filled with pure belief, can ignite a flame that spreads far and wide. Through her unwavering dedication, Desislava discovered the boundless love and strength of God, inspiring not only herself but also those around her.

May her story remind us all to nurture our faith, embrace the world’s wonders, and share the transformative power of belief with others, just as Desislava did through the extraordinary adventures of Superbook.

“Desislava discovered the boundless love and strength of God, inspiring not only herself but also those around her.”

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