Read Psalm 5 

Highlight verse: ‘In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I plead my case to you and watch expectantly.’ 

(Psalm 5:3 CSB) 


When do you usually spend time with God? 

Is it first thing in the morning? Last thing at night before bed? Or somewhere in between? 

For me, I like to start my day with God. Occasionally this doesn’t happen and my devotional time gets pushed to the afternoon, but I prefer to embark upon a new day with God at the beginning. 

Now, I realise that the point of this psalm does not lie in what time of day you spend time with God, praying and listening for His voice. But something about verse three struck me, more so than any of the other verses. 

I think the reason is that David professes to plead his ‘case’ before God each morning. 

Have you ever considered your prayer requests as ‘cases’ I wonder? 

I certainly haven’t…until now. 

‘In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I plead my case to you and watch expectantly.’ 

(Psalm 5:3 CSB) 

Imagine a court room. Place a lawyer for and against, a judge, a plaintiff and a defendant in the imagined scene. Now, place yourself in the position of plaintiff – the person petitioning in a court of law for justice.  

In such a serious setting, you would no doubt give your most convincing argument towards the matter of justice that you sought – wouldn’t you? The court room’s time is not to be wasted and neither is your time speaking to God. 

Friend, my whole point in setting this scene is to give you confidence that – as Judge – God hears every case that you place before Him in prayer. The greatest truth in petitioning Heaven, however, is that our Judge is not a human being that He may pervert the course of justice. 

No, He is just and fair and true and has no favourites. God is capable of ruling exactly as is best for you and for all and that is something that we can take great comfort in. 

As the psalm goes on to say in verse 4, God takes no delight in wickedness and evil cannot dwell with Him. Rest assured today that the prayers that you bring before the throne room of grace will be judged by the One who is able to execute just judgement every single time.  

Action: The next time you are in prayer, play out the court room scene described in today’s devotion. Remind yourself that you are presenting your request to a just Judge and that He hears you loud and clear. Then wait expectantly for your answer.   

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