Read Psalm 3 

Highlight verse: ‘I will not be afraid of thousands of people who have taken their stand against me on every side.’ 

(Psalm 3:6 CSB) 


I was once surrounded in the playground by a group of girls who did not like me very much. I was dating the one of the more popular guys in our year at the time and I think there may have been an element of jealousy and envy at play. 

I remember how fragile I felt, how vulnerable, as I looked around and saw several girls with stern faces looking back at me. I felt very scared and very alone.  

But then I remembered something. My older brother was also a very popular guy at our school, and he would certainly not stand for his little sister to be cornered and intimidated. So, I relaxed a little and simply stood my ground, offering no words or argument, just standing in the assurance that they would likely not harm me because of who backed me up. 

It is unlikely that we will all face this situation in our lifetime. We may have escaped playground bullying and walked away from school unscathed. However, there will undoubtedly be a time in your life where someone disagrees with you strongly or makes it their mission to belittle or intimidate you. 

In this instance, remember this: the God of the universe is on your side. You have the backing of heaven and the Creator Himself when you find yourself in adverse territory. 

‘I will not be afraid of thousands of people who have taken their stand against me on every side.’ 

(Psalm 3:6 CSB) 

You may have a colleague who undermines you at every opportunity to try and scupper your chances of a promotion. 

You may have a friend who has a sly way of trying to make you feel small by excluding you from certain social events. 

These may seem like minor things, but as human beings with delicate emotions, they can play on our minds and hearts. 

So, my encouragement to you today is to remember who your vindicator is. He will not let your foot stumble or slip. He is the rock on which you can confidently stand.  

Action: The next time you find yourself in a difficult situation with someone or people who are against you in whatever capacity, take a moment to visualise the Lord God Himself standing alongside or behind you, even in front of you. And take courage that He sees all, knows all and will indeed see that justice wins the day. 

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