Read Psalm 2 

Highlight verse: ‘Serve the Lord with reverential awe and rejoice with trembling.’  

(Psalm 2:11 CSB) 


Today’s psalm speaks to me of submission. The psalm talks about the folly of resisting the Lord’s instruction and rule. He is God! He is our Creator and our King. Nothing and no one can supersede His glory or His might. 

This dominance is not delivered in a threatening or dogmatic way though. The King we serve is kind, loving and gracious. So much so that He sent His one and only Son into the world to lead the way to salvation for all people.  

How you view God will greatly determine the level to which you are free to submit to Him. 

Freedom to submit may sound like a paradox – and it is – but it is also true. 

God is so loving, so kind, so gracious that His guidance of our lives is the very best thing for us so isn’t it easy to submit to this kind of King? 

‘Serve the Lord with reverential awe and rejoice with trembling.’  

(Psalm 2:11 CSB) 

If, however, you read this psalm and fixate only on verse 5, for example, where we are warned that God speaks to those who plot and plan against Him in anger and are terrified in His wrath, surely you will view God as a tyrant. One to be resisted. 

My point is to ensure that your view of God is accurate and biblically led.  

Yes, God is awe-inspiring and mighty, but He is also tender, patient and a gentleman. 

As we walk through the psalms together, look out for descriptions and characteristics of God. Take note of them and allow them to form a healthy and realistic view of God for you in order that you may know Him accurately and be free to submit to His Kingship. 

Action: Try this simple exercise. Write down 3 words that you associate with the nature and character of God. Now scrutinise these words. Why do you feel these words match God’s character? Where did this assumption come from? How might scripture reframe these 3 words to something else? 

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