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Joshua and Caleb 

In the latest episode of Superbook – Joshua and Caleb – Chris has a chance to join the football team when he discovers that some teammates are cheating to win. Should he join their scheme?  

Go undercover with Chris, Joy and Gizmo as Superbook takes them to meet 12 spies sent by Moses to explore Canaan. Discover why 10 of the spies give a bad report, even though Joshua and Caleb are amazed by the abundance of the Promised Land. Witness how fear should never stop us from trusting God! 

You can also use the Family Discussion Guide to talk about faithfulness and trust.  

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“Fear should never stop us from trusting God “

Highlights from Hungary! 

At the beginning of May, our Superbook team attended the Reaching Europe’s Children congress. This conference gathered people together from over 40 nations who are involved in children’s ministry across the UK, Europe and beyond. Many different ministries were represented and Superbook was one of the exhibiting ministries.  

Harry Bryans – one of the organisers of the conference – hosted an eye-opening presentation stating that there are 2 billion children to be reached in our world today! We believe that Superbook has a great part to play in evangelising to the youth of today. 

Great connections were made during the conference, laying the foundation for future partnerships. We are very excited to see how we can work together with some of the fantastic ministries represented to bring the gospel message to the next generation.  

Many attendees said that they watched the original Superbook in the 80’s and 90’s. One of the conference speakers watched Superbook as a child in 1988 in the Soviet Union and is now a leader of an international children’s ministry that impacts many children today. It is incredible how God can grow the smallest seed, turning a child watching Superbook into an influential Church leader.

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