Never Lose Your Wonder

Charmain Hibberd
by Charmain Hibberd
Marketing Assistant (Writer), CBN Europe
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Wonder – to be filled with admiration, amazement or awe; to marvel at. 

There is something about this season that makes me think of childlike faith.  

No one fully revels in the Christmas season like a young child. They have the faith to believe that they will receive the pony they crave or the ridiculously expensive Lego set. They are unstoppable! 

There are likely endless articles that you could read about childlike faith. I’m not touching on something that we are unfamiliar with. The concept is written about in the Bible (Matthew 18v3, Mark 10v14-15, Luke 18v7) and is taught in churches across the globe. But how about if, this year, we stopped amidst the information overflow and considered something a little deeper than childlike faith.  

What about wonder? 

A close friend has recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy and he is just perfect. He has a cute button nose and soft baby skin. He’s amazing. I can completely grasp the concept of ‘baby-gazing’ (where you spend hours simply staring at a new-born baby!) 

However, the thing that struck me most when holding little Obi was how his eyes sparkled in the glow of the fairy lights in my home. Now, I know that his vision has not developed enough to be able to see the lights clearly necessarily, but there was something about the motion of the pulsing lights that drew his attention and he was undoubtedly gazing at the gentle warmth of the fairy lights. 

A child has a sense of wonder that I believe we can lose as adults. 

We are surrounded every day by miracles. The very fact that you exist is a miracle! How can we become so familiar with such wonderful realities? 

What about wonder?

World of Wonder

I’m not suggesting that we should walk around with our mouths permanently wide open because of the wonder that surrounds us but, at this time of year in particular, I think it is fitting to pause and remember wonder. 

What makes you say ‘wow’? 

Is it the thought of the seemingly endless galaxy we live in? 

Is it a new-born baby? 

Is it a beautiful bride in her crisp white gown and veil? 

For me, it’s the sea. 

Whenever I’m near the sea I get a sense of wonder. I think it’s because of its sheer magnitude. And depth. The thought of being placed in the very middle of the vast ocean is enough to have me breathing very heavily! 

The sea can give you a sense of perspective that few other natural phenomena can. It puts your size, frailty and mortality into harsh reality.  

Perhaps there is room for considering the wonder of Christmas again this year? 

There is a song by Bethel music that has the most captivating lyrics around the concept of wonder. It goes like this: 

May we never lose our wonder 

May we never lose our wonder 

Wide eyed and mystified 

May we be just like a child 

Staring at the beauty of our King 

May we never lose our wonder 

The Beauty in Confusion

Wide eyed and mystified. 


It’s no problem if some things confuse us due to their grandeur. It’s beautiful! God’s ways are higher than ours, His thoughts infinitely beyond our own.  

This Christmas, I encourage you to take out your Bible (I would advise a paper Bible so that you’re not distracted by your phone alerts!) and turn to one of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth.   

Allow the immaculate conception, the remarkable birth and the subsequent celebration wash over you anew. Allow salvation and eternity to puzzle you and be encouraged by thoughts of heaven. 

I pray that we never lose our sense of wonder and that, this Christmas time, we each find something new to marvel at.

Bless you.  

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